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Titanfall vs Destiny: The two Heavy Weights Go Head to Head

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titanfall vs destiny

The guys at Gamefront.com have put together a great little article/infographic putting together the two most highly anticipated games of 2014, Titanfall and Destiny, in a head to head. Personally I can’t wait for both of these games to be released. I’m a big fan of the FPS, and I will no doubt be purchasing both. Bungie, the Destiny developers, definitely know how to put a sci-fi, first person shooter together – they proved that with the whole Halo franchise. While the devs over at Respawn are the guys who brought us the original Modern Warfare, are now bringing us Titanfall. Continue reading

Have you ever considered installing a keylogger on your computer?

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Anyone who has kids will know, you can’t keep your eye on them every second of every day – it’s just not possible. When we send them to school, we make sure they get there safely. When they play out with their friends, we tell them not to talk to strangers. We do our best to protect them, but sometimes the greatest threats to our children are a lot closer to home.

Kids these days are a lot more tech-savvy than their parents. They can spend hours in their bedroom playing online games and surfing the web. It’s difficult, as a parent, to regulate what they’re looking at online, and many of us are simply naive to what lurks in the darker corners of cyber space.

That’s where a handy piece of software called a keylogger can come in useful.

If you’re not sure what a key logger is, it’s a simple piece of spy software that can be installed on a computer. It runs discreetly in the background and records every key stroke. This information can then be accessed by whomever installed it. It will reveal what websites a user has visited, what they have been writing in chatrooms, facebook, emails, MSN etc. All the while, the user is completely unaware.

Should you install a keylogger on your child’s computer?

This is a difficult question to answer. If your child is being unusually secretive about their online activity. If you’ve noticed sudden changes in their behaviour that you think may be related to their computer usage. Or, if you suspect that your child is being cyber-bullied, then you should at least consider the possibility of using parental control software.

Is key logging software just for parental control?

Not at all. In fact, this sort of software is often used by businesses and corporations as a helpful tool for monitoring their employees.

Where can I get such software?

Try to use a reputable software developer such as Relytec. Their All In One Keylogger software offers many powerful features that a lot of other developers don’t, such as microphone monitoring, and screen capture.

Whatever software you go for, make sure you choose one which is regularly updated, is easy to use, and offers you comprehensive log reports.

Epson Duet 80-Inch Dual Aspect Ratio Projection Screen

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If I had the room in my house, and if cash wasn’t so tight, I would definitely be buying one of these. It’s an Epson Duet 80-Inch Dual Aspect Ratio Projection Screen. Actually, the cash isn’t the problem with this projection screen — it’s only just over $100 — and neither is the size — as it is big, but still portable (best of both worlds). Of course, I’d have to buy that projector I’ve been promising myself also! Continue reading

Sony Playstation 4 Release Date Revealed

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Sony have revealed today that their Next-Gen console will be released on November 15th in North America and November 29th in Europe. Sony’s Andrew House also used this years Gamescon as a opportunity to have a pop at Microsoft, stating that unlike other rival companies, Sony has been consistent in its policies. Giving a release date is also another sly jab at Microsoft after they announced there may be delays in some regions on release of its Xbox One Console. Continue reading

Minecraft maker shelves Sequel

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As a relatively new comer to the game, Minecraft, I was both surprised and a little disappointed to see that the creator had shelved plans to make a sequel. I came to the game when it was released on xbox, so that probably loses me a few brownie points in the eyes of the old guard! The new game was to be called 0x10c and would have been set in space, in the not-too-distant future. Here’s a snippet from the BBC. Continue reading

Samsung Wireless Lan Adapter

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Samsung Wireless LAN Adapter

So, I went ahead and bought myself a Samsung Wireless Lan Adapter for my Samsung TV. It was the Samsung WIS12ABGNX wireless lan adapter to be exact. It was lucky really because I almost bought the WIS09ABGN (bare with me here. I appreciate there’s a lot of random letters and numbers in this post), and for those of you that don’t know, the WIS09ABGN is more than twice the price of the WIS12ABGNX and doesn’t really do a lot more. I got mine here (cheapest I could find). Continue reading

Video Game Boobjam Challenge

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I’m really not sure what to make about this story doing the rounds at the moment. Games critic, Jenn Frank, has been overseeing an ongoing competition to make a game about breasts. The competition seems to have been mostly active on twitter, where the boobjam hash tag will reveal a whole plethora of suggestions for boob-based video games. Continue reading

Xbox Backlash “unfair” say Gaming Magnate Peter Molyneux

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xbox one

Gaming magnate, Peter Molyneux, has been voicing his opinion about the recent backlash towards Microsoft over their controversial u-turns. Speaking to techradar.com he believed the company had a bold vision and that people should have given them a fair chance. He went on to say that when Microsoft reversed its unpopular DRM policy people should have said “thanks for listening to us”, rather than attack them. Continue reading